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UK Immigration Tips

Migrating to the UK: Getting a Visa

Like any other country, there are multiple types of visas you can apply for to enter the United Kingdom (UK). These visas vary depending on how long you will be staying or what you intend to do in the country during your stay.


For the case of Tier 2 sponsored visa,there are different types of visas - collective called as "tiers" - that you can apply for on the grounds that you fit the description of either one of them. There are five types of Tiers. Each tier have a different scoring scheme that will determine whether or not you are eligible for the tier you are applying for or whether to grant you entry to the country or not.


Tier 1 is for the "elite" or highly skilled professionals who are coming in from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), meaning that the only people who can apply for this tier are entrepreneurs and investors or those who have high leveled talents. Tier 2 is somewhat similar to the Tier 1 except this is for workers who have jobs waiting for them upon their arrival to the country. Tier 3, on the other hand, are for workers who will be filling in for a temporary labour shortage in the country. Take note, that Tier 3 is rarely ever given to anyone. Tier 4 is practically an ancestry visa UK since this is for students aged 16 and above who are planning to continue their education in the country and already has a sure place in a registered educational establishment in the UK. The last Tier, Tier 5, are for workers who will be joining the UK work force by working during the working holidays. The last Tier is further divided into 6 categories and the applicants must have prior agreement with the UK.


In the scoring scheme for tier 1 and 2, take note that your score here will be affected by your skills, experiences, as well as your age. Also, additional points will be given to you if ever you have a sponsor and you have a certificate to prove you have sponsor. For the case of Tier 1, your having a sponsor is not required unless you are one of the applicants with "exceptional talent", for Tier 2 you are required to have a sponsor since you need to have a waiting job in the country before arrival. There are also concerns that you need to have show money in order for you to prove that you can sustain your needs while in the country.


These are some of the reminders you might be needing in the case that you intend to apply for immigration in the UK via specific tiers in the system. Remember that there may be more specific requirements as the application proceeds and depending on the type of entry you plan to do.